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AdstraGold Microbrewery & Bistro Bar
The hidden treasure cove along East Coast Road!
Must check it out! Let’s view their iCloudMenu ! 30

Investment in Microbrewery in Singapore?
What’s the future trends in craft beer market?
How doesn’t AdstraGold Microbrewery differ from traditional microbrewery?

Talk of Microbrewery Investment will be held @AdstraGold Microbrewery along East Coast Road.
Register now if you are interested.

Find out more about microbrewery, visit www.AdstraGold.com or email to info1@AdstraGold.com if you are keen to join the Talk
“Microbrewery Investment ”!

Heard about Solar Air-conditioner?
This is unique technique that save up to 60% of air-con electricity bill!
Everyone think solar energy derives from Sun with PV solar panel. This green solar use the technique of absorbing environmental heat and UV to generate heat and then convert the heat to energy! More information will be released soon. Do come back to check out the updated News!

Self-Tap-Beer, Tap your own beer! By Adstra Systems
With labour shortage in F&B service industry, Adstra Systems is launching the most advance self-tap beer systems in Singapore!
If you are interested, contact email to : Chia@AdstraSystems.net for more information.
This high productivity and efficiency Self-Tap-Beer systems allow you to claim PIC and other funding

Pre-launch of www.iCloudMenu.net by Adstra Systems, Singapore.
This is the potential portal is seeking fund to develop more advance interactive app. If you are interested to invest in iCloudMenu.NET concept, do contact Adstra Systems.
To understand better of iCloudMenu.net, go thru’ the model and you will release the great potential.
Email to info@AdstraSystems.net