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417/419 East Coast Rd, Singapore 429006, Administration: Monica, Sales In Charge: Mr. Chia
Tel: +(65) 6446 7134, Mobile: +(65)93808280, Fax: +(65) 64433746
www.AdstraSystems.Net WebMaster: chia@adstrasystems.net

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About Us

We are dreamers!
Food & Beverage fantasy!
Always looking for Food!
Where else to go for a drink!
A place worth visiting!
A venue must vist!
Food must be special!
Or Just a home cooked!
Drinks must be in house made!
I dream of iCloudMenue to realise my dream!

Alcohol or non Alcohol will do!
As you stare up the sky!
What you see is cloud!
Reflects whatís below on earth!
Food... Food.... Drinks.... Drinks...

So, where to go?
Which one to choose?
I donít know!

Visit iCloudMenu.net
You find your hidden treasure coves!
Check each coveís menu!
Which one excites you?
Which one tickle you?
Thatís the one to go!
Make a Call!
To ensure promotion is still on!
RSVP for cozy corner!
Now can relax & enjoy!

Where to bring my overseas friends?
Letís check iCloudMenu.net for advise!
Show your foreign friends of unique hide out!
Let him remember you ever!

Where to go after business talk?
Letís check up iCloudMenu.net
Where is the nearby chill out?
Found one nearby!
Make RSVP for quiet cozy corner to conclude the business deal!

..... ICloudmenue.net ....
....goes on and on....
Unlimited space, beyond the earth....
Letís dream & realise the dream of place you love & enjoy!

Dream By Founder of iCloudMenu.Net